We believe our lives are led by trees. It’s our honor to care for bonsai and preserve trees for future generations. Bonsai teaches us how to connect with nature and have more empathy, patience, and gratitude. Our mission is to document our adventures to share with the world and cultivate community.


The way of the bonsai hunters

  1. Always Get Permission

    make sure you Always have permission to dig up a tree!

  2. Respect The Land

    be kind to the forest and the animals, Leave no trace!

  3. Be Prepared

    Have the Proper Supplies needed for the Hunt, transportation, and potting

  4. Always Bring A Pal

    Safety First, Share the adventure

  5. Document Your Journey

    film and take pictures for future generations

    Inspire others to follow the way of the bonsai Hunters!

About James Leon Blancher III

James Blancher is an artist, native to Louisiana, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Born on the Bayou, James developed his love of trees and nature from the lush, natural beauty of Southeast Louisiana. He started practicing the art of bonsai at age eleven under the mentorship of Guy Guidry. as his apprentice, he worked in the bonsai nursery and began his lifelong journey.

James created "Bonsai Hunters" in 2010 to document his adventures yamadori collecting. his first yamadori Hunt, on youtube, took place in mount hood, oregon, on the sandy river. He was then drawn to the allure of the california redwoods that fueled his childhood dreams of collecting large, american yamadori in the mountains.

James returned to louisiana in 2012 to go bonsai hunting, down the bayou, for bald cypress trees. He journeyed into the swamps to capture his adventurous episodes. During this time, James worked as a background actor in the booming film industry in New Orleans. he worked on over 30 major motion films and can be identified in “LBJ” and “The Free State of Jones.” when James wasn’t on set, or yamadori hunting, he was selling art in the french quarter. for two years his artwork was a fixture on the fences of Jackson Square, in front of the famous saint louis cathedral, and on Royal Street, in Pirates Alley. His paintings of cypress trees and drawings of the french quarter were adored by people around the world.

2012, James and his urban Yamadori Azalea in Covington, Louisiana. Azalea collected in Folsom, Louisiana in 2006. Azalea Now lives in New Orleans, with cousin Blake.

2012, James and his urban Yamadori Azalea in Covington, Louisiana. Azalea collected in Folsom, Louisiana in 2006. Azalea Now lives in New Orleans, with cousin Blake.

In 2016 james moved back to the san fransico bay area to collaborate with family and nurture his passion for collecting west coast yamadori. Inspired by working with clay, James and his mother, yvette Blancher, began creating their original line of bonsai pots.

In january 2019, James launched “Blancher Media” with his sister, Estée Blancher. an award winning documentary film maker, EStée is a producer and with a degree in film. Together they are creating content and using media to help other artists and entrepreneurs manage their soical media.

Through Bonsai Hunters, James strives to improve his craft, inspire others, and share his experience with the world. His mission statement,


About the Bonsai Hunters’ Logo

The Bonsai Hunters’ logo was created on day one. James teamed up with the late Jacques Bronson to create a logo that would best represent the future of Bonsai Hunters. The golden informal upright redwood tree sits in a bonsai tray creating a yin yang shape behind it within the circle. It’s branches stretch out swooshing up at the tips. They wrap around the earth and eclipse that sun casting rays of light out from the center. At the center the of the apex sits a red dot symbolizing the third eye vision of bonsai.